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Design Projects

This page contains design examples of work I've created for a wide variety of companies, individuals and items. Some of the designs are a one off design for something simple like business cards. Others can be very complex entire branding suites. This can include but isn't limited to a logo design, business card design, letterhead creation, menu setup and design, etc.

Below is work that I've done for 4 Paws Unleashed. This includes creating a grooming and activity menu, as well as options for various logo redesigns that they were deciding between.

Menu Design Projects

Below is work that I've done for Portofino's Italian Restaurant. The item on the bottom left is their full menu that often has updates due to pricing increases and menu additions and subtractions. The item on the bottom right is their Valentine's Day menu. This menu is used to feature their most popular menu items as a condensed form of their full menu, because they don't offer the full menu on Valentine's Day due to the influx of customers. The other two items on top are both business card size. One of them is the business card for the manager of the restaurant, the other is a card to redeem a free dessert that they hand out to customers for a variety of reasons.

Logo Designs

Misc Designs